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eekMD Mini Medical School™

A cross-disciplinary, STEM-based health education experience designed specifically for the elementary school-aged scholar.

eekMD™ Mystery Labs & Briefs

A 2-3 session program that uses an inquiry-based approach to explore common child health issues.

eekMD™ Roadmap to Medicine Game

A specially designed game that exposes learners to career pathways in medicine.

[My daughter] can’t stop talking about the mini medical school, how much you inspired her to work harder in school, most of all not to be afraid to ask questions…

—Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School student

April is a pleasure to work with and creates dynamic, informative, and interactive classes. She is able to break down comprehensive information and present it in a fun manner that really resonates with kids. April unleashes the kids’ inherent creativity and empowers them to discover and expand their views on health… April has really brought something special to [Roxbury Community College] with eekMD and exudes positivity and passion for her subject matter and working with kids.

Lise-Marie Hagen

Community Program Manager

Roxbury Community College

Thank you Dr. Inniss for teaching me what you know. I look forward to the next [semester]. I’m extremely excited to see what we learn next!!!

eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

I liked the interactiveness[sic] of the program. I also liked that parents are allowed to sit in on the class.

Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

Dr. Inniss was very professional and insightful! She provided hands-on activities that engaged each student… [my] mini med school student has confirmed her desire to pursue one of her career goals as a Doctor.

Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

I loved everything about this course. Thank you for offering this opportunity.

Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

…this is perfect for those little kids to know medical knowledge at an early age… [as a result of this experience] each time [my child] focuses on washing his hands before eating anything.

Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

I like that my kids were able to learn about body parts and different types of MDs and what they do… [My children] talk about the abdomen. They really like this subject… thanks for everything.

Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

I loved the whole program. My child was excited to come home every week and even dropped some knowledge at home to his cousins. Amazing teachers, amazing program…can’t wait till next time!!

Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

eekMD is awesome; it makes the kids excited about medicine… [my child] has been talking about structures of the abdomen.

Parent of eekMD Mini Medical School scholar

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